Animal Feed (Alfalfa)

Alfalfa is perennial forage crop that is native to warmer temperature climates. It has been widely grown throughout the world as forage for cattle, and it is most often harvested as hay but can also be fed as silage and grazing

Alfalfa generally has highest feeding value of all common hay crops. When grown on soil where it is well adapted, alfalfa is highest yielding forage plant due to its combination of highs produce yield and nutritional quality. When continuously irrigated alfalfa can be harvested every 30-35 days. Alfalfa primary used as feed for diary and beef cattle, horses, sheep and camels.

Packing: in bales of 18-20 Kg (55bales/ton) 
Bale Dimension: 850x400x400mm 8.5-9.5 ton for 40’ container

Item  Descripton
PROTEEN 18-20%
MOISTURE 12% max
FAT 2%